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For folks like us who regularly work with pictures, we need a reliable tool for taking and editing screenshots. It might sound extremely easy, but it’s not, especially the task of finding the perfect program for the job. Today, we’re going to look at a software known as WinSnap to see if it’s up to snuff.

WinSnap is a fast and user-friendly utility for taking and editing screenshots. It easily captures windows of non-rectangular form with transparent backgrounds including Aero Glass and instantly enhances screenshots with professional-looking shadows, reflections, highlights, outlines, watermarks and color effects. Moreover, it allows you to quickly edit and annotate screenshots afterwards.

The program can capture the screen in different ways and also applies some simple effects such as a sepia or black and white layer, a dropping shadow or a watermark to identify your images though this watermark can only be another image and not text. Also, effects cannot be customized in any way you either apply them or not.


WinSnap Key Features

Non-rectangular shapes and rounded corners

The tool can easily take screenshots of non-rectangular and transparent windows and add real smoothing drop shadow effects on-the-fly.

Unique ‘Application’ capture mode:

This product can enumerate and capture all visible windows in the foreground application and combine them into one screenshot. All void space between separate windows can be automatically filled with the background of your choice.

Region selection:

Using the software, you can define just a portion of the screen to capture. This is a good way to show a particular part of a website you have found on the Internet.


You can quickly add your signature to the captured snapshots, so everyone will know that it is your image.

Thumbnails and scale option:

With the program, you can easily create small thumbnails and automatically resize images to fit the fixed size of your pages.

Pulldown menus for tutorials:

The tool can easily capture complex application pulldown menus in order to show a user which menu item to select when performing certain actions.

Additional effects:

The app can also be used to add certain effects to web graphics. This is another small way to improve your pictures and photos.

How To Crack WinSnap For Free?

  1. Disconnect from internet
  2. Extract and install the program
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  4. Directory/ folder where the program is installed
  5. Or just extract and launch WinSnap Portable

Download WinSnap PC

Another good thing about WinSnap is that it works flawlessly on Windows 7 workstations and it doesn’t affect the Aero interface at all, which is quite an important thing to know since many similar apps are incompatible with the new Windows GUI.

All things considered, WinSnap is indeed an advanced snipping tool that does exactly what it says and even more. It has plenty of features, including the one you need the most, such as auto-saving, support for common formats and fully-configurable hotkeys.

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